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Life Lessons From Mayweather’s Victory

1. Risk Must Be Calculated
For the overtly enthusiastic like me that followed most of the buildup leading up to the main event at Las Vegas, one thing was clear; the preparations in both Floyd and Conor’s camps were surreal. From a series of strenuous exercises in a specialized hydrotherapy pool to thorough paces at the gym, Conor McGregor was giving nothing away. However, for Floyd Mayweather and his Money team, they had their jobs well cut out. Mayweather was coming out of retirement at age 40 to risk his 49-match unbeaten record. Signing off to this duel was putting his place at the Hall of Fame at risk. However, it was a calculated one. The decision to pick up his gloves after about two years of inactivity was made easier by the choice of the opponent. McGregor was never a boxer. He is a martial artist at best. And while the outlier nature of the opponent must have been a risk in itself, Mayweather has been long enough in this business to know that it was a risk that was worth it…

5 Hard Things You Have to Do to Move Forward with Your Life

1. Practice thinking better about yourself.

You have to admit, you’ve spent a lot of your life subconsciously belittling yourself. Thinking you’re not enough. Trying to be someone else. Someone who fits in. Someone who’s less sensitive. Less needy. Less flawed. Less YOU. Because you felt broken, and you didn’t want to scare people away. You wanted them to like you. You wanted to make a good impression. You wanted to be seen as worthy and loveable. So you could feel healed and whole. And so for the longest time, behind a facade of fake smiles, you have inadvertently betrayed yourself for the purpose of pleasing everyone else. And for longest time, your heart has ached.

But you’re at a point now where you’re seeing things differently. The heartache just isn’t worth it anymore. Belittling yourself for one more day just doesn’t make any sense. And more than that, you now realize no matter what you do or how you change, some people will never be pleased anyway. You now rea…

Football is Back!

As the world attempts to recover from the hysteria that was ‘Neymar’s deal to PSG’, football creeps on us again and offers us a slight reminder that ‘It’s about me and I am almost back’. The end of every football season across Europe ushers in new anticipation almost immediately. There are summers where football is extended either by a continental event or by the confederations cup; but even that pales in comparison to European league blitz and excitement. Yet, even among the elite leagues in Europe, it is a consensus that while the English Premier League might not be the league with the best quality of football, it is light years ahead of its peers in excitement, competitiveness and glamour. The Premier league has come of age. From insane money injection to TV rights deals that astounds the mind, the 2017/2018 season promises to be even better.

At the beginning of last season, most bookmakers predicted a two-horse race between the Manchester clubs. The deflection of attention suited…