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25 Things You Should Never Stop Doing for Yourself!

1.Never stop stretching and improving yourself. – Always dream and shoot higher than you think is possible. Do not bother trying to be better than your peers or predecessors. Try to be better than you ever knew YOU could be.

2.Never stop listening to your own inner voice. – The unhappiest folks are those who care the most about what everyone else thinks – those who let everyone else drown out their own inner voice. So stand strong beside yourself. There’s great freedom in leaving others to their opinions.

3.Never stop walking comfortably in your own shoes. – If you don’t follow the path others want you to follow they might become irritated. Don’t worry about it. Let them be. It’s their problem, not yours. So many people seem to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but have no clue how to lead their own. So focus on your inner callings and keep paving your own path. Remember that it is more useful to be aware of a single strength or weakness in your…

Nigeria: A Mother Killing Her Children!

As if anyone needed to be reminded of the magnitude of carnage we are currently enmeshed in, the attention of the world has once again beamed on the Nigerian state for all the wrong reasons. Of a certaintity, it has become one scourge too many. The killings and siege we are currently facing have reached a crescendo. The latest bombings in Nyanya that claimed over 70 lives is only a rude reminder for all those that are conned by the notion that the Boko Haram war is a battle for the North. The message of this latest killings is clear: if Abuja can be once again be vulnerable, everyone had better sleep with one eye open.

Only this year, the cruel madness have seen over 1,500 civilians arrive at their early graves. These were hapless Nigerians whose only cardinal sin was to be Nigerian. In the midst of the stark reality of poverty, these Nigerians set out to make a living. They were surely the downtrodden, for the very rich will not mill around a motor park, a bus station or be found in…


There are times when you wonder why your life is a catalogue of struggles. You look at the life of your peers and it appears you are not amounting to anything. Look again; there is always a reason to keep holding on. Don't let people fool you, in some areas of our lives, we are all fighting something, confronting our own mountains and dealing with our own issues. The thing is that some of us just mask our issues better than some others. Be careful who you compare your life with. We are all on a different path, even though we are all running a race. There are no hard and fast rules and the race is not tailored for the fastest. Comparison is a bad thing. Erase it from your everyday life. Rather, anytime you see someone get blessed, you ought to be happy for such a person. Remember, nursing hatred for another man's garden, will not keep the weed off your own garden.

Everyday, you have to renew your optimism and believe that the sun will raise up again. Be careful that you don…

12 Things You Should Start Making Time for Again!

1. Taking better care of yourself. – You are like a building with stained-glass windows. You always shimmer and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in your true magnificence is revealed only if there is light shining from within you. It’s your duty, and yours alone, to keep your inner light shining bright. So learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you. Loving yourself does not mean being selfish and narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart and mind – a guest worthy of extra care and respect. Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it. That’s a great start.

2. Getting lost in playful exploration. – Sometimes we put too much weight into trying to control every tiny aspect of our lives. Switch gears, relax and ride the path that life takes you sometimes. Try something new, be a bit dar…