Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shattered Dreams For Arsenal!

Football can be cruel, but ask the fans of Birimgham, they will tell you to tell that to the swines. Arsenal's long wait for a throphy will linger on and Wenger will probably be left to pounder on what could have been. It was a game that Arsenal were expected to win, but like most expectations we have had of the gunners, they blew their chance and compounded the woes of their faithfuls, who have all desperately tarried for this moment, to lift the carling cup and silence their many critics. The defeat was twice a bitter pill. Arsenal dominated for most of the game, and the goal was one that should never have been. It was odd that the much maligned Nigerian, Obafemi Martins should grab the winner, but such has been Arsenal's ill fate for years now. Yes, Fab and Walcott were injured, but those excuses are over-use and simply sour grapes. Birmingham are not the sought of opposition where Arsenal could use those excuses. Now, with Barca in sight, it is difficult to see how the gunners will pick themselves up from this smashing defeat. God bless the magic of the Carling Cup!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gaddafi's Downfall: Only a matter of time

Even the mind struggles to accomodate the thought of how one man could hijack the destiny of a nation for 42 years and yet, unleash terror on his people when they ask for a change. Such has become the cruel fate of Libyans, a people that have endured the sting of tyranny, and have for over four decades, nursed the can of worms that a poisned government has brought. Indeed, aware of the antics of the west, even their greatest detractors will agree that Gaddafi might well have bitten more than he can ever chew. As if his 42 years reign of terror was not enough, he is now killing his people at random, with a ruthless verve that betrays reason. No doubt, the fears confronting the self acclaimed 'colonel' are numerous. Not only is he fretful over the precariousness of life after power, he is also afraid of his battered shadow and his numerous sins. While Gaddafi's rule appears like one that will linger for eternity, history reminds us that every tyrant, no matter how sublime they seemed to be, met their inevitable end. Thus, it is only a matter of time before the forces of change becomes too strong that none of Gaddafi's cohorts or his own very instincts could resist it. From Tunisia to Egypt, and now Libya, the song is the same. Like a scalded cat, the hurricane is sweeping fast. Is it only a matter of time before Nigeria sings the same song?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The End Beckons For Carlo Ancelotti!

How things can so quickly change! Barely seven months ago, Carlo Ancelotti's unprecedented strides in English football made him the envy of his many rivals, and ensured that the ghost of the 'special one' was gradually fading. However, seven months looks like a long time ago now, and the honeymoon for the Italian appears to be officially over. Say what you like, winning the league and the F.A cup last season was a feat that the blues truly earned. Not only were they able to crush their rivals with minimum fuss, they scored goals aplenty as if it was going out of fashion. Now, reality seems to have taken it place, and the cracks which some Chelsea faithfuls feared at the bridge, has finally revealed itself. From five points clear to twelve points behind, this is the hard fate that have befallen Carlo and his team. A pathetic run of form that have seen the Stamford Bridge outfit grab just one win out of ten league games, is a fact that beats the mind. Explanations as to why this prolifigacy at the bridge, are polarised. Many points to the controversial exit of Ray Wilkins as a tenable alibi, while others are of the opinion that injury to key players is a plausible excuse. Whichever sides you choose to believe, it does not fully justify the dip in form. Not even the purchase of Torres has changed the fortunes of the blues. For Carlo, out of contention for all the thropies in England, he must now conjure all the ingenuities his impecable experience can muster, and ensure that the blues finally have the one trophy their owner have so coveted, the champions league. Otherwise, he should be ready to use the exit door at the bridge, a curse that has plagued the past six managers of the team in less than a decade.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A can of worms for Sulivan Chime

Some say it is karma, others call it fate, and yet, a few think that all these is simply making a mountain out of a molehill. Whatever conclusions you draw, these are not the best of times for Enugu state governor, Barrister Sulivan Chime. Deep shock struck the camp of the incumbent governor, when his name was delisted from the governorship candidates list of the PDP, released by INEC. Depending on who you choose to believe, details as to why this dramatic event is unfolding, are polarised. Now, Chime, having won in the battle for wits against the former PDP chairman, chief Nwodo, he must now conjure all the dexterities he can muster, if his dream to remain governor come may 2011, is to see the broad daylight. The pathetic thing for Chime is that, he is fighting on so many fronts, and these events might play into the hands of his detractors, and numerous rivals. For the moment, a certain Mr. Anayo Onwegbu is presently parading himself as the legal PDP candidate to contest the polls. It has been said, and not without reason, that the ill fate currently bedevilling the governor might have a link to chief Nwodo, who many believe, is poised to get his own pound of flesh. Only time will tell, what becomes of the aspirations and ambitions of governor Sulivan Chime. At the moment, he could only hope that lady luck crosses his path, one last time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poem: This Love I Know

I hate days that disguise like they care, moments that pretend that they are memorable. But, this love i know, concieved in the altar of purity, devoid of the vices of life's prank, bereft of the lust of the times. This love i know, that limits are fictions, that possibilities are realities. This little love tank of mine, come and drink, until stupor plays tricks with you, and your eyes in another realm. Yet, your instincts crave for more. But, unlike the drinkard that ends up at the gutter, i find you in my heart. This love i know, away from the worldliness that is Val, free from the madness that is lust. I feel it in my bowels, caressing my fragile heart, with a touch that beats reason, and a smile to scron all frowns. This love i know, it is a love that will always make you mine! Hapi Val people...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Man-United: Beaten at last

They say some things don't last forever, and even in the trobuled waters of football, this saying holds sway. Some doubted if Manchester United could go the entire season unscratched. However, none could have envisaged that their quest to rehash Arsenal's invincibility of the 2003/2004 season, would be twarted by a team that is rocking the bottom of the table, Wolves. Perhaps, it is this sort of episodes that makes the premier league the most adorned in the world. Though defeated at last, it will take a hard stroke of luck to see them surrender their place at the summit of the table. More importantly, this was a defeat that vindicated the fears of many United faithfuls. A team that constantly relies upon the last legs of veterans such as Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Edwin van der sar, was always going to find it difficult at some stage. The subtle truth remains that United have been able to go undefeated for a larger part of the season, not because they have been vintage, but because of the will and fear that follows the red and white jersey. However, make no mistake about it, this is still United's trophy to lose.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE WRITING WORLD OF SAMUEL OKONKWO: The Voter's Registration: matters arising

THE WRITING WORLD OF SAMUEL OKONKWO: The Voter's Registration: matters arising: "While some have sustained untold brusies and endured a long wait, others have been shown the exit door in their various jobs, all in an atte..."

The Voter's Registration: matters arising

While some have sustained untold brusies and endured a long wait, others have been shown the exit door in their various jobs, all in an attempt to get registered for the upcoming April General Elections. With a fortune already invested into the coffers of INEC, it is extremely pathetic to witness so much inadequecies and unprofessionalism. For reasons that will be too polarised to rehash here, a majority of the citizenry are poised to register, and ensure that their votes count. And for all the eulogies about the integrity of Jega, the lapses already witnessed in the ship he is steering, is a bad omen for the electioms. Even with a week extension given, it remains to be seen if a better part of Nigerians will get a chance to register. Having said that, any further extension, would mean an outcry from the majority of students in primary and secondary schools, currently being denied access to their classes because of the entire process. Another intriguing point that has raised eye brows, relates to the driving force behind the convictions of a bulk of Nigerians to register. Surely, sycophants abound; those willing to trade their votes to the highest bidder, yet, cry blue murder when reality finally dawns on them. However, it does not negect the fact that many Nigerians are determined to see that good governance is enthroned, and that the issue of mediocre leaders, becomes a thing of the past. Only time will tell.