Gaddafi's Downfall: Only a matter of time

Even the mind struggles to accomodate the thought of how one man could hijack the destiny of a nation for 42 years and yet, unleash terror on his people when they ask for a change. Such has become the cruel fate of Libyans, a people that have endured the sting of tyranny, and have for over four decades, nursed the can of worms that a poisned government has brought. Indeed, aware of the antics of the west, even their greatest detractors will agree that Gaddafi might well have bitten more than he can ever chew. As if his 42 years reign of terror was not enough, he is now killing his people at random, with a ruthless verve that betrays reason. No doubt, the fears confronting the self acclaimed 'colonel' are numerous. Not only is he fretful over the precariousness of life after power, he is also afraid of his battered shadow and his numerous sins. While Gaddafi's rule appears like one that will linger for eternity, history reminds us that every tyrant, no matter how sublime they seemed to be, met their inevitable end. Thus, it is only a matter of time before the forces of change becomes too strong that none of Gaddafi's cohorts or his own very instincts could resist it. From Tunisia to Egypt, and now Libya, the song is the same. Like a scalded cat, the hurricane is sweeping fast. Is it only a matter of time before Nigeria sings the same song?


  1. That was a wonderful reflection. This is what i preach and advocate. Young minds should first be heard and suddenly be seen. For " the King of Kings Africa", his time is up. He called himself,"Dean of Arab leaders" this is no Arab affair. Again, he said he is " The Imam of Muslin world" What an arrongant postulation.He has given three option of his plans A
    )Live and die in Libya,B)Live and die in Libya, C)Live and die in Libya.Lets certainly he will die but not on that seat.CHEERS SAMMY


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