Poem: This Love I Know

I hate days that disguise like they care, moments that pretend that they are memorable. But, this love i know, concieved in the altar of purity, devoid of the vices of life's prank, bereft of the lust of the times. This love i know, that limits are fictions, that possibilities are realities. This little love tank of mine, come and drink, until stupor plays tricks with you, and your eyes in another realm. Yet, your instincts crave for more. But, unlike the drinkard that ends up at the gutter, i find you in my heart. This love i know, away from the worldliness that is Val, free from the madness that is lust. I feel it in my bowels, caressing my fragile heart, with a touch that beats reason, and a smile to scron all frowns. This love i know, it is a love that will always make you mine! Hapi Val people...


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