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5 Things to Remember When Someone You Love Loses Someone They Love

1. A person who’s grieving already knows that time heals wounds, and they don’t need to be reminded of it.

When you’re grieving, everyone wants to remind you that time will heal your pain, but no one can seem to tell you exactly what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to cope right now. And that’s all you really want to know.

Because it’s right now that you can’t sleep. It’s right now that you can’t eat. It’s right now that you still hear his voice, and smell his scent, and sense his presence, even though you know he’s not here anymore. It’s right now that all you seem to be capable of is crying. So despite the fact that you intellectually know all about time’s power to heal wounds, if you had all the time in the world right now, you still wouldn’t know what to do with the immediate, intense pain you feel.

Realize this, and treat those who are grieving accordingly. Don’t remind them that time heals. Instead, remind them that you’re with them right now, and that you…

Still Friends…

It was T.D Jakes who preached a message titled ‘Can God trust you with trouble?’ At the crux of the teaching was what do we do when we try all we know to do and it still doesn’t work. What do you do when you had everyone pray for that ailing mother, but she still died? What do you do when you had hands laid on that pregnant woman and she still had a still-birth? In summary, what do you do when life happens and we are left overwhelmed?

The events of the past few weeks have reaffirmed my conviction that it is not in our place to make sense of certain things in Life. Try as you may, some answers will remain elusive and for all the explanations in the world, it still wouldn’t add up. In truth, life happens to both the just and the unjust and our job is not to attempt to figure out why certain things happen the way they do. The Good book did not promise us an easy sailing, but it assured us of strength to bear the storm.

There are moments in our lives when we know that some things are jus…

The Leicester Story: Who Says You Can’t?

It was Will Smith in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ that said to his son ‘Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.’ It was a quote borne out of the need to silent the many voices in your head and around you that suggest to you to follow well defined average paths and tell you that’s where you belong.

Though, a sporting tale, the story of Leicester City is a classic poster-boy case for anyone harboring great ambitions (emphasis on anyone & great ambitions). This was a football Club that was reeling at the bottom of the premier league table about a year ago with all the odds suggesting an inevitability of tier two football in the Championship. Today, Leicester City have not just emerged Champions of the elite Barclays English Premier League, they have even more completed the epilogue to a sublime…