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Still Friends…

It was T.D Jakes who preached a message titled ‘Can God trust you with trouble?’ At the crux of the teaching was what do we do when we try all we know to do and it still doesn’t work. What do you do when you had everyone pray for that ailing mother, but she still died? What do you do when you had hands laid on that pregnant woman and she still had a still-birth? In summary, what do you do when life happens and we are left overwhelmed?

The events of the past few weeks have reaffirmed my conviction that it is not in our place to make sense of certain things in Life. Try as you may, some answers will remain elusive and for all the explanations in the world, it still wouldn’t add up. In truth, life happens to both the just and the unjust and our job is not to attempt to figure out why certain things happen the way they do. The Good book did not promise us an easy sailing, but it assured us of strength to bear the storm.

There are moments in our lives when we know that some things are just not fair when they happen. There are nights when it seems so dark and we are left wondering how the day will break; those nights you hug a pillow to fall asleep. There are times when we look at the Word of God and we look at our life side by side and it just doesn’t correlate. At other times, we are just drained of strength and simply tired. In moment like this when we don’t understand, we have to trust God. We have to trust God not because of the situation but because of who He is, the things He has done in the past and His promise to bring us to an expected end. In the dark places of life, we must remember that God has the entire script and He must know something we don’t know. We must never forget that He allows certain things to happen because he has the full picture. As the song writer puts it ‘Though the storms keep on raging in my life and sometimes it is hard to tell my night from day, I know he will lead me safely for my soul has been anchored in Him.’

In the final analysis, our relationship with God is all that matters, and we must renew our friendship with Him irrespective of how we feel or what the situation is. When you didn’t get the job, when you waited 10 years to get pregnant and yet had a miscarriage, when you put in so much effort and yet remain improvised, when you bury your baby son in a box, when you pour that sand against the remains of your father and when nothing in this life seems enticing anymore, you have to lift up your hands in thanksgiving to God and say ‘We are still friends.’


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