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Nigeria @ 56: When Change is a Torture…

What a great difference 365 days can make! We don’t need a time machine to help us remember the wind of enthusiasm and the gamut of hope that swept through the political landscape of Nigeria in 2015. Chorused in a creed that was titled ‘Change’, from the North to the South, and to an extent, the East, the expectations that greeted the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari bordered on the incredulous. He had the answer to all the nagging questions that 55 years of misrule had created. In his hands were the solutions to an epileptic health system, a broken educational terrain, the unemployment cancer, the insecurity conundrum to mention but a few. However, as days gave way to weeks, and weeks metamorphosed to months and months clocked a year, hope has slowly but surely eroded and many are left asking ‘How were we deluded?’

Not sure about delusion, but clearly, on the evidence of the man on the street of Lagos, the low income earner in Kaduna who is struggling with fees for his children, the ro…

Poem: To The One Who Left

Extant in our minds
Vivid in our thoughts
We remember.

To you our beauty who departed unannounced
To you our jewel who checked out untold
To you our substance who left unprepared
We remember.

It was many years ago
A score and one
But this memory has suffered no senility
This heart has seen no distortions
Today, like many days in our lives
We remember.

We remember how you caressed our soul
How you decorated our lives
How you tended to our troubled heads
And how you were there.

You were there when there was nothing
When all we had were the dreams you helped us nurture
You were there when the days were dark and the nights, tight
You were there when living was a herculean task and the next meal was an answered prayer.
You were there when no one else was there.

To you who left
we remember.
Our heartthrob, Our Hadassah, Our joy, Our convener, Our cheerleader.

And though it seemed like death has won when you left
Though it seemed the sting has had a victorious day
Though it ap…

The Facts of Life by Paul Enenche

It is a great message. Please find the time to watch when you can.

10 Good Reminders to Spend More Time with the Right People

1. Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, just by doing them with the right people.

2. The best thing you can do is to let go of what you can’t control, and focus on the things you can – like the people you choose to be around.

3. You intellectually grow to be like the few people you spend most of your time with. So surround yourself with only those who are going to lift you higher.

4. The right people for you are those who inspire you to be who you always knew you could be. Keep this in mind. Anyone who helps you make your half-hearted attempts more whole-hearted through kindness, commitment and teamwork, is a keeper.

5. A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your happiness, your other important relationships, your dreams, or your dignity.

6. Don’t listen to those who tell you exactly what to do. Listen to those special few who encourage you to do what you already know in your heart is right.

7. Healthy relationships don’t just happen –…

Being Part of a Noble Cause!

Saturday, 3rd of September will remain an indelible date for all those who were part of the Back to School drive initiative. This initiative was powered by the Freehands Organization in collaboration with the SCiNergy group. It was one event that happened in two different locations at the same time. The occasion saw over 600 children equipped with school bags loaded with school supplies. However, it wasn’t just the kinds that saw smiles returned to their faces. Men and women in the target communities also got clothing and food materials.

As I saw the crowd pour in to collect items of schooling, clothing and food, I reflected on how much we as human ignore the things we have to lament on the things we don’t have.

Ultimately, never forget that to give is what it means to truly live. This is truly what it means to be part of a noble cause.

Enjoy the Pictures…

Zuckerberg and Nigeria’s Silicon Valley

Sufficed literature has already been written about the unannounced visit of Silicon Valley’s top shot, Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria. Zuckerberg was ranked a staggering 6th place in Forbes list of world richest men in 2016. At 32, Mark was the youngest in the top 90 and more than 20 years younger than anyone in the top 10. Only Lukas Walton of Walmart, ranked 99th is younger than Mark in the entire top 100. Mark is your poster boy for sending home the message that age is nothing. His rise and rise in the global social media space will forever be secured but with only three decades of his life spent, it boggles the mind what feats awaits the former Harvard student.

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria has gotten so much airtime, and rightly so. Though he arrived without the usual pageantry, the moment word went viral that he was somewhere in Yaba, Lagos, the rest was history. The visit has been acclaimed by many social media experts and political pundits as a welcome development for our na…