Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Politics Of Debates

As the much anticipated April 9th presidential election hurries to the scene, the inevitable intrigues that hallmarks such periods appears to be here again. There have indeed been much ado about the decision of the top northern presidential candidates to bycott the debate organised by BON and it's assiociates for the aspirants. The trio of Ribadu, Buhari and Shekerau have decided to get their own pound of flesh from President Goodluck Jonathan, after the latter failed to participate in the NN24 debate earlier conducted. With barely two weeks to the polls, it is pathetic that flimsy issues as this is dominating the polity. Aware of running the risk of sounding like a Jonathan's advocate, a critical examination of the quagmire vindicates the PDP aspirant. NN24 it must be said, is a Dstv t.v station and that begs the question, how many Nigerians have such luxury? The president's camp claims, and rightly so, that there is no need engaging in a debate that millions of Nigerians will be denied of being a part of. Moreover, it will be merely dispensing cherished time and needed energy, holding two debates that will encompass the same subjects. It is easy to conclude that president Goodluck is simply fretful to face the occassion, but this assertion will be going beyond the bounds of the issue. Surely, one expect the northern aspirants to be vindictive, but if sentiments are truly dismissed, then the tussle over the issue is unwarranted. Perhaps, what needs to be added, is the fact that participation in a debate is simply a matter of choice. However, it is expedient that the people who they are meant to serve, have a vivid knowldge of their diverse blueprint. Penultimately, the issue of the presidential debates is only making a mountain out of a molehill.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Destiny Beckons For Nigeria!

Beyond the frenzy that was the campaigns, beyond the razzmattaz and intrigues that have accompained the past few weeks. Beyond the crude politics that shenenigans disguised as politicians have engaged in, reality falls upon us once again and like a flash in the pan, the time has finally come. A time entrenched in the sands of time. A time whose demands for change constitues a burden, not only for the battered mind of Attahiru Jega, but for millions of Nigerians. It is not going beyond the bounds of reality to unequivocally say that this is a defining moment in our history. The demands to get it right like never before, is so strong and potent. The candidates have all outlined their blueprints, some fictious, some a complete charade and others, worth buying into. As we flood the polls to answer the perturbing call of destiny, let us drop every ploy and intent to sell our mandate. Let us remember that 50 years is no child's play and how long shall we continue in this path of ruins? Like a change whose has come, we must vote with posterity at heart. Sentiments of what ever mould is only a mirage. Shall we let 2011 be like other years? God forbid! Oh yes, God forbid!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Libya: The end of an uprising?

If signals coming from Libya are anything to go by, then an epitaph is imminet at the graveyard of the Libyan uprising. With events in Tunisia and Egypt acting as a fore-runner, many thought that Libya was bound to go the way of the other two North African nations. But, a revolt that began with so much venom and slight appears to have been brought to it's knees, and the earlier momentum that greeted it seems to have eclipsed. Much to the chagrin of the western world, Gaddafi's feathers might have been ruffled, but they have certainly not been pulled out. It is a charade to suggest that the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings were similar to that of Libya. In the former, it was simply a change in personnel, but not in the ideological formation. Hosni Mubarak, a stunch apostle of the west, was discovered to have outlived his uses to the capitalist world in advancing their interest in the Arab world. Thus, a change in candidature was formented with a facade of 'public revolt'. Little wonder his former army chief succeeded him. Same could also be said of the Tunisian uprising. However, in Libya, Gaddafi has always been bent on pursuing an anti-western agenda to ensure that his empire does not become a puppet of the west. Indeed, some are of the view that the reason why the Libyan revolt has attracted so much media attention, was as a result of the capitalist world to portray Gaddafi in bad light. This arguement might lack efficacy, but cannot be entirely dismissed as erratic. Though one must outrightly condemn Gaddafi's many atrocities and his inordinate quest to die in power, it appears that there is more to the issue than what meets the eyes.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Patience Jonathan: The making of a first lady

A mother par excellence she might be, but there is a crudeness about her panache that betrays her office. Dame Patience Jonathan, first lady of our turf, who like her husband, has rode her luck in the precarious scenes of our politics. It is disturbing that the first lady has become a theme of discourse on several social networking sites and forums, all for the wrong reasons. Her pathetic command of the english language and absurd dress sense has made her a laughing stock to all those that wish to have their ribs cracked. While some might dismiss these claims as a sheer attempt to unsettle the feathers of the Dame, anyone that has bothered to make news and events around the country his or her forté, will agree that the first lady constitues little more than a joke. Some of the criticisms might be extreme, but they are not unfounded. The office of the first lady demands a blitz and razzmattaz of some sorts. Patience might not naturally possess them, but she has to work on it. Her english is certainly not up to scrath, and it will be suicidal to think that this has not occured to her, her better half, and all those that make a living surrounding her. She might not conjure the panache that late first ladies, Maryam Babaginda and Stella Obasanjo commands, but at least she should work on the basics that her portfolio demands and save the country some ridicule.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Obasanjo: A Man For All Seasons

Feared by many, adorned by his contemporaries and revered by his godsons, the wits and poise that Olusegun Obasanjo commands is one that beats the bounds of reality. He might have passed the mantle of power, but for mysterious reasons, he still holds a large stake in the soul of Nigeria. Baba, as he is fondly called, is a character that polarises opinion. What is pathetic is that he has choosen to remain on the scene till he finally kicks the bucket. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for the Nigerian state. In America today, more than two past leaders are still living, yet, not one of them stalks Obama, or make the White House their second home. Bill Clinton and George Bush remains American legends, yet they hardly make the headlines. Ours is a different kettle of fish. Obj makes the news. From the incident of 'i dey laugh o' to the 'madman at the airport scene', down to the intrigues of Ogun state politics, Baba is always at the thick of the action. This perennial act of impudence by a man that has seen it all in the 'farce' that is Nigerian politics, is utterly unacceptable and highly condemnable. We might be a backward nation, but that has not affected our sense of civility. So often, Obj has treated us like babies in need of vivid attention and the sooner the 'powers that be' curbs his excesses, the better for the future of our nation.