Patience Jonathan: The making of a first lady

A mother par excellence she might be, but there is a crudeness about her panache that betrays her office. Dame Patience Jonathan, first lady of our turf, who like her husband, has rode her luck in the precarious scenes of our politics. It is disturbing that the first lady has become a theme of discourse on several social networking sites and forums, all for the wrong reasons. Her pathetic command of the english language and absurd dress sense has made her a laughing stock to all those that wish to have their ribs cracked. While some might dismiss these claims as a sheer attempt to unsettle the feathers of the Dame, anyone that has bothered to make news and events around the country his or her forté, will agree that the first lady constitues little more than a joke. Some of the criticisms might be extreme, but they are not unfounded. The office of the first lady demands a blitz and razzmattaz of some sorts. Patience might not naturally possess them, but she has to work on it. Her english is certainly not up to scrath, and it will be suicidal to think that this has not occured to her, her better half, and all those that make a living surrounding her. She might not conjure the panache that late first ladies, Maryam Babaginda and Stella Obasanjo commands, but at least she should work on the basics that her portfolio demands and save the country some ridicule.


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