Libya: The end of an uprising?

If signals coming from Libya are anything to go by, then an epitaph is imminet at the graveyard of the Libyan uprising. With events in Tunisia and Egypt acting as a fore-runner, many thought that Libya was bound to go the way of the other two North African nations. But, a revolt that began with so much venom and slight appears to have been brought to it's knees, and the earlier momentum that greeted it seems to have eclipsed. Much to the chagrin of the western world, Gaddafi's feathers might have been ruffled, but they have certainly not been pulled out. It is a charade to suggest that the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings were similar to that of Libya. In the former, it was simply a change in personnel, but not in the ideological formation. Hosni Mubarak, a stunch apostle of the west, was discovered to have outlived his uses to the capitalist world in advancing their interest in the Arab world. Thus, a change in candidature was formented with a facade of 'public revolt'. Little wonder his former army chief succeeded him. Same could also be said of the Tunisian uprising. However, in Libya, Gaddafi has always been bent on pursuing an anti-western agenda to ensure that his empire does not become a puppet of the west. Indeed, some are of the view that the reason why the Libyan revolt has attracted so much media attention, was as a result of the capitalist world to portray Gaddafi in bad light. This arguement might lack efficacy, but cannot be entirely dismissed as erratic. Though one must outrightly condemn Gaddafi's many atrocities and his inordinate quest to die in power, it appears that there is more to the issue than what meets the eyes.


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