Obasanjo: A Man For All Seasons

Feared by many, adorned by his contemporaries and revered by his godsons, the wits and poise that Olusegun Obasanjo commands is one that beats the bounds of reality. He might have passed the mantle of power, but for mysterious reasons, he still holds a large stake in the soul of Nigeria. Baba, as he is fondly called, is a character that polarises opinion. What is pathetic is that he has choosen to remain on the scene till he finally kicks the bucket. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for the Nigerian state. In America today, more than two past leaders are still living, yet, not one of them stalks Obama, or make the White House their second home. Bill Clinton and George Bush remains American legends, yet they hardly make the headlines. Ours is a different kettle of fish. Obj makes the news. From the incident of 'i dey laugh o' to the 'madman at the airport scene', down to the intrigues of Ogun state politics, Baba is always at the thick of the action. This perennial act of impudence by a man that has seen it all in the 'farce' that is Nigerian politics, is utterly unacceptable and highly condemnable. We might be a backward nation, but that has not affected our sense of civility. So often, Obj has treated us like babies in need of vivid attention and the sooner the 'powers that be' curbs his excesses, the better for the future of our nation.


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