Shattered Dreams For Arsenal!

Football can be cruel, but ask the fans of Birimgham, they will tell you to tell that to the swines. Arsenal's long wait for a throphy will linger on and Wenger will probably be left to pounder on what could have been. It was a game that Arsenal were expected to win, but like most expectations we have had of the gunners, they blew their chance and compounded the woes of their faithfuls, who have all desperately tarried for this moment, to lift the carling cup and silence their many critics. The defeat was twice a bitter pill. Arsenal dominated for most of the game, and the goal was one that should never have been. It was odd that the much maligned Nigerian, Obafemi Martins should grab the winner, but such has been Arsenal's ill fate for years now. Yes, Fab and Walcott were injured, but those excuses are over-use and simply sour grapes. Birmingham are not the sought of opposition where Arsenal could use those excuses. Now, with Barca in sight, it is difficult to see how the gunners will pick themselves up from this smashing defeat. God bless the magic of the Carling Cup!


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