A can of worms for Sulivan Chime

Some say it is karma, others call it fate, and yet, a few think that all these is simply making a mountain out of a molehill. Whatever conclusions you draw, these are not the best of times for Enugu state governor, Barrister Sulivan Chime. Deep shock struck the camp of the incumbent governor, when his name was delisted from the governorship candidates list of the PDP, released by INEC. Depending on who you choose to believe, details as to why this dramatic event is unfolding, are polarised. Now, Chime, having won in the battle for wits against the former PDP chairman, chief Nwodo, he must now conjure all the dexterities he can muster, if his dream to remain governor come may 2011, is to see the broad daylight. The pathetic thing for Chime is that, he is fighting on so many fronts, and these events might play into the hands of his detractors, and numerous rivals. For the moment, a certain Mr. Anayo Onwegbu is presently parading himself as the legal PDP candidate to contest the polls. It has been said, and not without reason, that the ill fate currently bedevilling the governor might have a link to chief Nwodo, who many believe, is poised to get his own pound of flesh. Only time will tell, what becomes of the aspirations and ambitions of governor Sulivan Chime. At the moment, he could only hope that lady luck crosses his path, one last time.


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