The Voter's Registration: matters arising

While some have sustained untold brusies and endured a long wait, others have been shown the exit door in their various jobs, all in an attempt to get registered for the upcoming April General Elections. With a fortune already invested into the coffers of INEC, it is extremely pathetic to witness so much inadequecies and unprofessionalism. For reasons that will be too polarised to rehash here, a majority of the citizenry are poised to register, and ensure that their votes count. And for all the eulogies about the integrity of Jega, the lapses already witnessed in the ship he is steering, is a bad omen for the electioms. Even with a week extension given, it remains to be seen if a better part of Nigerians will get a chance to register. Having said that, any further extension, would mean an outcry from the majority of students in primary and secondary schools, currently being denied access to their classes because of the entire process. Another intriguing point that has raised eye brows, relates to the driving force behind the convictions of a bulk of Nigerians to register. Surely, sycophants abound; those willing to trade their votes to the highest bidder, yet, cry blue murder when reality finally dawns on them. However, it does not negect the fact that many Nigerians are determined to see that good governance is enthroned, and that the issue of mediocre leaders, becomes a thing of the past. Only time will tell.


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