Short Story: The Fight For Sleep

It was one of those nights for Him. He haggered Himself out of the clothings that have engulfed Him all day, and poised to make the most of His anticipated rest, but this was not to be. Just when He thought He had won the battle for sleep, flashes which He could not explain, forced His perturbed eyes open. 'The noise must have woken me up', He wondered. A noise, whose roots He could not fathom. He laid on His back, glancing at the fan as they performed their duties. He cursed the night, as if it was responsible for His trobules. Down but not out, He left the bed and went to find fresh comfort on the bare floor. But even this, did not work. Tears began to form in His eyes, as a certain pain came piercing at His fragile heart. It was a tussle for sleep. Yet, this very activity that seemed normal for all mortals, had decided to tortue Him. All His efforts to covet sleep, ended in futility. And as He lay on His couch, He could feel His eyes asking to be shut down. But just then, the cock crowed, to remind Him, that the morning he dreaded has come, and the hell of a routine day must now begin.


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