The team is still young, injuries to key players, refrees hate Arsenal, it is not all about throphies. Without sounding too critical, these are all over-used excuses Arsenal. Six years have elapsed, since a throphy was last lifted at the Emirates. This throphy-drought have led to fierce criticism and contempt for not just the team, but also for their dogged manager, Arsené Wenger. It is a paradox of the game, that a team like Arsenal, that plays exquisite football, have no throphies to show for it. However, no matter what the detractors say, this has not forced Arsenal and Wenger to compromise their philosophy of football for anything else. But, the fans are getting worried. A throphy, no matter the calibre, is desperately desired at the Emirates. At least, to restore some form of confidence. This season provides a great opportunity for Arsenal to break this spell. The team is presently in the last four of the Carling Cup, with teams such as West Ham, Birringham and Ipswich. Even in the league, they are within reach of leaders, Manchester United. Then, the enormous task of defeating Barcelona in the champions league, not to talk of the wonderful chance that the FA Cup presents. It is a make or break season for Arsenal, and with their destiny firmly in their hands, only Arsenal can stop Arsenal from winning something this season.


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