Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Broom Revolution In The South West

Known as the progressives, they are tough, they are radicals and in the words of President Goodluck Jonathan, they are rascals. The Action Congress of Nigeria is the new political hurricane that has swept the entire south west region. Lagos, Ekiti, Osun, Ondo and Edo states were joined by the duo of Oyo and Ogun states, as the days of the PDP dominance in Yorubaland became a mirage. This revolution is a testimony to the ideological basis upon which the ACN is built. Unlike the PDP that deals in money politics, ACN has built it's fortress upon the creed of democracy and change. Many might dismiss the party as being too pro-west, but not even the strongest of their detractors can begrudge them their merits. The party parades administrators and statesmen. Men that have walked their way to the top through hardwork, sheer conviction and an exquisite will. From the imperious Babatunde Fashola of Lagos state, to the dogged Adams Oshiomole of Edo state, these men have not bought their reputations, they have earned them. Though Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man with his own excesses and flaws, he is also a man of ideology, and the ACN victories could partly be attributed to his enormous influence. Away from the shores of the south west, the PDP must now find new territories to conquer, and in their bid to do this, the odds are against them. The tide of change that has dawned upon Nigerians is one that they certainly will not be able to alter. No doubt, the PDP is still the largest party in Nigeria, but if history is anything to go by, then we know that it is only a matter of time before the East and the North follow the path of the West to demand for a change that has gone belated.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dora: Bites the dust at last

Dora: Bites the dust at last

The Anambra central senetorial district election was bound to be a centre of attraction after the intrigues and mystries that had previously trailed it. Without mincing words, the major gladiators were Chris Ngige, a former governor of the state and Dora Akuyili, a lady who needs no introduction in the national affairs of the country. The candidatures of the duo was simply outrageous that all other contestants were regarded as pretenders in the race. However, for once in her impressive and staggering career, she is forced to lick her wounds, and the murky waters of Nigerian politics has become a harsh turf for the former Minister of Information. Though the margin with which she lost was very paltry, the truth remains that not even the political influence and potent weight of the incumbent governor, Peter Obi, could salvage her from the cruel fate that has befallen her. Indeed, if ever this defeat will hold any lesson for Dora, it is that getting appiontments is a different kettle of fish from winning elections. For concrete or unfounded reasons, Dora seems to covet a personality that tends to appeal to the hearts of many Nigerians. Be that as it may, popularity in this terrain is not a guarantee for victory in politics. Despite the daunting odds that threatened to tear him apart, Chris Ngige of the ACN showed that he has not forgotten the old tricks that once made him a governor. While his personality will always be shroudded in controversy, Ngige proved that experience still counts in politics. For Dora, she will forever wonder on what could have been.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Gem Called Mourinho

You might love to hate him, his guts might get you infuriated, his style might instill disdain in you and his ego might drive you crazy. Whatever be the case, you can't ignore him. Jose Mourinho has come to become one of the few ingenuities that the beautiful game has produced. A winner per excellence, Jose's rise to stardom is one that defies limitations. From a paltry start as a translator, the Portugese seized every opportunities that walked his path by the scruff of the neck. He led F.C Porto to an unprecedented success and left with nothing else to prove, he ventured into the precarious terrian of English football, where he defeated all the odds to give Chelsea their most glamorus epoch in their entire history. With nothing else to prove, the rigidity of Italian football became a temptation Jose could not resist. While in Italy, his long affair with success continued, winning the first ever treble with Inter milan. Jose refused to walk in the intimidating shadows of his own overwhelming triumphs. Spain was the next water he was poised to taste. Determined to alter Barcelona's dominance, he took up the coaching job of Real Madrid, often described as a poisned chalice for all managers. While the job has not been all rosy for him, he has won a first throphy for the Madrid side for the first time in four years. Surely, it is still early days to confirm his stint in Madrid as a monumental success. However, it will only be the peak of idiocy and a sheer subterfuge of reason to deny that Jose Mourinho is a manager of olympian heights.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Election And It's Burden

Just when we thought that the good days are back in our political life as a country, the hostilities that have become a core of our chequered unity came back to haunt us. An election that was adjudged to be the freest and fairest in our country for decades, was marred with sporadic fightings and violence. Perhaps, it was inevitable that President Jonathan will have lady luck smile on him at the just concluded presidential elections. However, his good fortune have been greeted with venom and an hatred that beats sanity. The supporters of the conquered rivals have taken to the streets in the north with a fresh conviction to battle the legitimacy of the polls. The annoyance of many of them is that they cannot understand why a man that has rode his luck in the political terrian of the nation should outrightly win the polls. Some of the claims put forward by these disgruntled individuals are either outrageous or very unfounded. If ever the elections have thought us anything, it is that immense divisions exist in our country. As much as we hate to say it, the painful truth remains that a strong polarisation still persist in our country, and long after the dust have settled upon this inferno, the trobule should once again be revisited.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chelsea And The Obsession Of The Champions League

The one throphy that Roman Abrahmovich covets remains elusive. It's eight years since the Russian purchased Chelsea football club, and no doubt, he has experienced many successes. However, the one success that his billions appears not to be able to buy, is the champions league crown. This seemingly desperation for the throphy has seen him change six managers since 2004. Even the self acclaimed special one, Jose Mourinho was not spared. Chelsea's latest travails in the competition was inflicted by a Manchaster United team that was their albatross in 2008. That was the year Chelsea were within seconds of lifting the cup. History was on the horizon, but John Terry's boots had other ideas. His panting legs conspired with the harsh rains in Moscow to leave Abrahmovich, heart broken. Now, in 2011, same Manchester United came to hurt the blues again. As the Russian watched from the stands, he embodied the image of a frustrated rich child, who could not understand why all his father's riches could not buy him his most cherished toy. For Carlo Ancellotti, twice he had tried and twice he had failed. He might just be heading the way of his predecessors. His decision to start Torres ahead of the ever potent Drogba seemed costly, and as he looked from the touchline, even his once defiant eye brows, was beginning to sink into uncertainity. Torres must be wondering why the back of the net which he once had a glorious affair with, has decided to desert him when he most needed it. For Chelsea fc, the painful wait lingers on.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Beginning Of An End In Nigeria

You just know that the times are changing when for once, the political feathers of OBJ have been ruffled, the self acclaimed godfathers are licking their wounds, the once sublime PDP are beginning to lose their invincibility and for the first time in our chequered past, international observers are giving us thumbs up for an election well done. Indeed, election anomalies have been a cankerworm that has bedeviled the nation since it's independence. These anomalies have become of greater trajectory since the dawn of the democratic era. For 2011 elections, it was percieved as a make or break chance for the charade that have become elections in Nigeria. Only a week ago when Jega postponed the NASS elections, many cried blue murder, some called for his head, while others were quick to highlight a litany of Jega's inadequacies. However, with the kudos the elections finally got, Jega has become a national hero. Such is the nature of the Nigerian public, a people that have had to endure a plethora of maladies from those at the political heights in the country. While it is not yet time to sing the lord's song, the signs are surely good. So far, Jega has shown that he is not afraid to step on toes. Big wigs ranging from Dimeji Bankole, Iyabo Obasanjo, Orji Uzor Kalu, Nnamani Chimaroke and OGD, have all lost their bids to be in the legislative houses. This scenerio was hitherto this time, a mirage. Indeed, Jega has started well, but the elections ahead will tell us if the shockers experienced at the NASS elections is only a flash in the pan or a change that have come to stay.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Man United At The Threshold Of History

It has indeed been a strange season. But even in it 'strangeness', the trophy looks to be heading to the red half of Manchaster. Sir Alex and his devils are now the only obstacles on their path to lifting an unprecedented 19 league trophies. In a season where everyone appears not to covet the trophy, a sincerely porus United team through performances that even though had been anything but exquisite, had truly been efficient. The blue half of Manchester, after splashing cash as if it was going out of fashion, may have to linger on before seeing it's dividends. For Tott'Hotspurs, it's either they are mere pretenders, or a work in progress. Champions Chelsea will perpetually wonder how the trophy left their hands. From playing 'playstation' football in September, hard fortunes have been the fate of the blues ever since. For Arsenal, the drought continues, the wait lingers on, and excuses of old still stands. Only in January, the team had four thropies within sight, but as have always been the case with the gunners, not even one appears certain anymore. It is true that United have a busy fixture list ahead of them, but history stands at the side of Old trafford to once again become champions.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jega: Troblue At First Hurdle

Like a bump on a log, many were indeed dazzed. The despondency that marred the hearts of many Nigerians on a day when they left their abodes to perform their civic responsibility that have in the past been treated with kid gloves, is beyond words. The postponement of the NASS elections till monday by INEC, is an action that have torn the opinions of many Nigerians. Many have been swift to come to the defence of INEC boss, Attahiru Jega. Their reason is hinged upon the fact that instead of doing a shabby job as many in his shoes would have done, he had opted for a postponement to get it right. Moreover, they claim, it wasn't Jega that failed, but those under him. Surely, these are points that could make a case for him, but at a time when we thought that excuses in our electoral affairs have gone extinct, the cankerworm returns to hunt us. At the first time of asking, Jega and his co-horts could not deliver the goods. While it is a truism that he cannot supervise every polling station at the same time, the demands of leadership makes him a sacrifical lamb. This is a bad omen for the remaining elections, and the fears that materials had already gone out before the announcement of the postponement, thus, a leaway for rigging, cannot be dismissed as untenable. Indeed, even at our state of gloom, it a expedient that we give Jega the benefit of the doubt and wait till monday before we write his epitaph. However, one thing is certain, you cannot get a second chance to create a first impression.