Chelsea And The Obsession Of The Champions League

The one throphy that Roman Abrahmovich covets remains elusive. It's eight years since the Russian purchased Chelsea football club, and no doubt, he has experienced many successes. However, the one success that his billions appears not to be able to buy, is the champions league crown. This seemingly desperation for the throphy has seen him change six managers since 2004. Even the self acclaimed special one, Jose Mourinho was not spared. Chelsea's latest travails in the competition was inflicted by a Manchaster United team that was their albatross in 2008. That was the year Chelsea were within seconds of lifting the cup. History was on the horizon, but John Terry's boots had other ideas. His panting legs conspired with the harsh rains in Moscow to leave Abrahmovich, heart broken. Now, in 2011, same Manchester United came to hurt the blues again. As the Russian watched from the stands, he embodied the image of a frustrated rich child, who could not understand why all his father's riches could not buy him his most cherished toy. For Carlo Ancellotti, twice he had tried and twice he had failed. He might just be heading the way of his predecessors. His decision to start Torres ahead of the ever potent Drogba seemed costly, and as he looked from the touchline, even his once defiant eye brows, was beginning to sink into uncertainity. Torres must be wondering why the back of the net which he once had a glorious affair with, has decided to desert him when he most needed it. For Chelsea fc, the painful wait lingers on.


  1. always have been a genius! Just keep it up n watch the sky become ur foot mat.


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