The Beginning Of An End In Nigeria

You just know that the times are changing when for once, the political feathers of OBJ have been ruffled, the self acclaimed godfathers are licking their wounds, the once sublime PDP are beginning to lose their invincibility and for the first time in our chequered past, international observers are giving us thumbs up for an election well done. Indeed, election anomalies have been a cankerworm that has bedeviled the nation since it's independence. These anomalies have become of greater trajectory since the dawn of the democratic era. For 2011 elections, it was percieved as a make or break chance for the charade that have become elections in Nigeria. Only a week ago when Jega postponed the NASS elections, many cried blue murder, some called for his head, while others were quick to highlight a litany of Jega's inadequacies. However, with the kudos the elections finally got, Jega has become a national hero. Such is the nature of the Nigerian public, a people that have had to endure a plethora of maladies from those at the political heights in the country. While it is not yet time to sing the lord's song, the signs are surely good. So far, Jega has shown that he is not afraid to step on toes. Big wigs ranging from Dimeji Bankole, Iyabo Obasanjo, Orji Uzor Kalu, Nnamani Chimaroke and OGD, have all lost their bids to be in the legislative houses. This scenerio was hitherto this time, a mirage. Indeed, Jega has started well, but the elections ahead will tell us if the shockers experienced at the NASS elections is only a flash in the pan or a change that have come to stay.


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