An Election And It's Burden

Just when we thought that the good days are back in our political life as a country, the hostilities that have become a core of our chequered unity came back to haunt us. An election that was adjudged to be the freest and fairest in our country for decades, was marred with sporadic fightings and violence. Perhaps, it was inevitable that President Jonathan will have lady luck smile on him at the just concluded presidential elections. However, his good fortune have been greeted with venom and an hatred that beats sanity. The supporters of the conquered rivals have taken to the streets in the north with a fresh conviction to battle the legitimacy of the polls. The annoyance of many of them is that they cannot understand why a man that has rode his luck in the political terrian of the nation should outrightly win the polls. Some of the claims put forward by these disgruntled individuals are either outrageous or very unfounded. If ever the elections have thought us anything, it is that immense divisions exist in our country. As much as we hate to say it, the painful truth remains that a strong polarisation still persist in our country, and long after the dust have settled upon this inferno, the trobule should once again be revisited.


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