Dora: Bites the dust at last

The Anambra central senetorial district election was bound to be a centre of attraction after the intrigues and mystries that had previously trailed it. Without mincing words, the major gladiators were Chris Ngige, a former governor of the state and Dora Akuyili, a lady who needs no introduction in the national affairs of the country. The candidatures of the duo was simply outrageous that all other contestants were regarded as pretenders in the race. However, for once in her impressive and staggering career, she is forced to lick her wounds, and the murky waters of Nigerian politics has become a harsh turf for the former Minister of Information. Though the margin with which she lost was very paltry, the truth remains that not even the political influence and potent weight of the incumbent governor, Peter Obi, could salvage her from the cruel fate that has befallen her. Indeed, if ever this defeat will hold any lesson for Dora, it is that getting appiontments is a different kettle of fish from winning elections. For concrete or unfounded reasons, Dora seems to covet a personality that tends to appeal to the hearts of many Nigerians. Be that as it may, popularity in this terrain is not a guarantee for victory in politics. Despite the daunting odds that threatened to tear him apart, Chris Ngige of the ACN showed that he has not forgotten the old tricks that once made him a governor. While his personality will always be shroudded in controversy, Ngige proved that experience still counts in politics. For Dora, she will forever wonder on what could have been.


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