The Gem Called Mourinho

You might love to hate him, his guts might get you infuriated, his style might instill disdain in you and his ego might drive you crazy. Whatever be the case, you can't ignore him. Jose Mourinho has come to become one of the few ingenuities that the beautiful game has produced. A winner per excellence, Jose's rise to stardom is one that defies limitations. From a paltry start as a translator, the Portugese seized every opportunities that walked his path by the scruff of the neck. He led F.C Porto to an unprecedented success and left with nothing else to prove, he ventured into the precarious terrian of English football, where he defeated all the odds to give Chelsea their most glamorus epoch in their entire history. With nothing else to prove, the rigidity of Italian football became a temptation Jose could not resist. While in Italy, his long affair with success continued, winning the first ever treble with Inter milan. Jose refused to walk in the intimidating shadows of his own overwhelming triumphs. Spain was the next water he was poised to taste. Determined to alter Barcelona's dominance, he took up the coaching job of Real Madrid, often described as a poisned chalice for all managers. While the job has not been all rosy for him, he has won a first throphy for the Madrid side for the first time in four years. Surely, it is still early days to confirm his stint in Madrid as a monumental success. However, it will only be the peak of idiocy and a sheer subterfuge of reason to deny that Jose Mourinho is a manager of olympian heights.


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