The Dwindling Fortunes Of Reading In Nigeria

This is certainly not a strange theme in public discourse. But, like most salient public debates in our turf, this issue has often suffered the unkindly fate of being swept under the carpet. Gone were the days, when a book conjured untold vaule for the readers. When reading elicited exictement and real pleasure. But, as it is often said, those good old days are well behind us. Reading, has come to be percieved as a cumbersome venture that is both too tasking to engage in, and extremely unnecessary to call important. Some of the youths tend to prefer hiding under the disguise of the popular cliché that 'times have changed'. It is true that technology has come to facilitate our efficiency and change the way we do things, but, to suggest that technology has come to act as a substitue for reading, is a sheer act of self-deciet. It is even more pathetic that most youths today, have made social networking websites their second home. Indeed, this piece might run the risk of going un-noticed, or even being percieved as mere rantings, and much ado about nothing. But, if this ugly trend persist, then, there is little to convince the mind with, that the future of our country is truly bright.


  1. I totally agree its the same in American we live in an age of escapism. although I am an avid fan of technology, I do agree that it is making the youth lazy and stupid, it is also making there attentions spans shorter so they can't just sit down and read a book. I for one love to read, but i think that one of the solutions it to make reading enjoyable at an early age. when I was young i read whatever interested me and it made it easier to read the stuff that didn't really interest me. I think teachers should take an interest in their students and choose something enjoyable to read.


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