The End Beckons For Carlo Ancelotti!

How things can so quickly change! Barely seven months ago, Carlo Ancelotti's unprecedented strides in English football made him the envy of his many rivals, and ensured that the ghost of the 'special one' was gradually fading. However, seven months looks like a long time ago now, and the honeymoon for the Italian appears to be officially over. Say what you like, winning the league and the F.A cup last season was a feat that the blues truly earned. Not only were they able to crush their rivals with minimum fuss, they scored goals aplenty as if it was going out of fashion. Now, reality seems to have taken it place, and the cracks which some Chelsea faithfuls feared at the bridge, has finally revealed itself. From five points clear to twelve points behind, this is the hard fate that have befallen Carlo and his team. A pathetic run of form that have seen the Stamford Bridge outfit grab just one win out of ten league games, is a fact that beats the mind. Explanations as to why this prolifigacy at the bridge, are polarised. Many points to the controversial exit of Ray Wilkins as a tenable alibi, while others are of the opinion that injury to key players is a plausible excuse. Whichever sides you choose to believe, it does not fully justify the dip in form. Not even the purchase of Torres has changed the fortunes of the blues. For Carlo, out of contention for all the thropies in England, he must now conjure all the ingenuities his impecable experience can muster, and ensure that the blues finally have the one trophy their owner have so coveted, the champions league. Otherwise, he should be ready to use the exit door at the bridge, a curse that has plagued the past six managers of the team in less than a decade.


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