The Politics Of Debates

As the much anticipated April 9th presidential election hurries to the scene, the inevitable intrigues that hallmarks such periods appears to be here again. There have indeed been much ado about the decision of the top northern presidential candidates to bycott the debate organised by BON and it's assiociates for the aspirants. The trio of Ribadu, Buhari and Shekerau have decided to get their own pound of flesh from President Goodluck Jonathan, after the latter failed to participate in the NN24 debate earlier conducted. With barely two weeks to the polls, it is pathetic that flimsy issues as this is dominating the polity. Aware of running the risk of sounding like a Jonathan's advocate, a critical examination of the quagmire vindicates the PDP aspirant. NN24 it must be said, is a Dstv t.v station and that begs the question, how many Nigerians have such luxury? The president's camp claims, and rightly so, that there is no need engaging in a debate that millions of Nigerians will be denied of being a part of. Moreover, it will be merely dispensing cherished time and needed energy, holding two debates that will encompass the same subjects. It is easy to conclude that president Goodluck is simply fretful to face the occassion, but this assertion will be going beyond the bounds of the issue. Surely, one expect the northern aspirants to be vindictive, but if sentiments are truly dismissed, then the tussle over the issue is unwarranted. Perhaps, what needs to be added, is the fact that participation in a debate is simply a matter of choice. However, it is expedient that the people who they are meant to serve, have a vivid knowldge of their diverse blueprint. Penultimately, the issue of the presidential debates is only making a mountain out of a molehill.


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