Destiny Beckons For Nigeria!

Beyond the frenzy that was the campaigns, beyond the razzmattaz and intrigues that have accompained the past few weeks. Beyond the crude politics that shenenigans disguised as politicians have engaged in, reality falls upon us once again and like a flash in the pan, the time has finally come. A time entrenched in the sands of time. A time whose demands for change constitues a burden, not only for the battered mind of Attahiru Jega, but for millions of Nigerians. It is not going beyond the bounds of reality to unequivocally say that this is a defining moment in our history. The demands to get it right like never before, is so strong and potent. The candidates have all outlined their blueprints, some fictious, some a complete charade and others, worth buying into. As we flood the polls to answer the perturbing call of destiny, let us drop every ploy and intent to sell our mandate. Let us remember that 50 years is no child's play and how long shall we continue in this path of ruins? Like a change whose has come, we must vote with posterity at heart. Sentiments of what ever mould is only a mirage. Shall we let 2011 be like other years? God forbid! Oh yes, God forbid!!!


  1. over makesense dey worry dat article. Yes, we obviously have no choice than 2 get it right this time around.


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