Being Part of a Noble Cause!

Saturday, 3rd of September will remain an indelible date for all those who were part of the Back to School drive initiative. This initiative was powered by the Freehands Organization in collaboration with the SCiNergy group. It was one event that happened in two different locations at the same time. The occasion saw over 600 children equipped with school bags loaded with school supplies. However, it wasn’t just the kinds that saw smiles returned to their faces. Men and women in the target communities also got clothing and food materials.

As I saw the crowd pour in to collect items of schooling, clothing and food, I reflected on how much we as human ignore the things we have to lament on the things we don’t have.

Ultimately, never forget that to give is what it means to truly live. This is truly what it means to be part of a noble cause.

Enjoy the Pictures…


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