There are times when you wonder why your life is a catalogue of struggles. You look at the life of your peers and it appears you are not amounting to anything. Look again; there is always a reason to keep holding on. Don't let people fool you, in some areas of our lives, we are all fighting something, confronting our own mountains and dealing with our own issues. The thing is that some of us just mask our issues better than some others. Be careful who you compare your life with. We are all on a different path, even though we are all running a race. There are no hard and fast rules and the race is not tailored for the fastest. Comparison is a bad thing. Erase it from your everyday life. Rather, anytime you see someone get blessed, you ought to be happy for such a person. Remember, nursing hatred for another man's garden, will not keep the weed off your own garden.

Everyday, you have to renew your optimism and believe that the sun will raise up again. Be careful that you don't let frustration and bitterness creep into your life. Those are twin evil that are poised to rob you of your joy and ultimately your faith. Life may not be fair, but it beckons on you to live on the fair side of life. At times, we must learn to take it easy on ourselves. Work hard, but don't beat yourself to death when it dosen't turn out for you the way you hoped. Never forget, a man's life does not consist in the things he possesses.

Patience is a virtue we all need in life. It's a phase that tests our resolve and our conviction. It is not about the destination. It is about the things you learn on your way there that makes all the difference. Delay is never denial. When your life looks like it is not in motion, stick to the fight. Who says you are too old to get that thing you have been hoping for? Who says you are never going to get that job? It's your head telling you that your best days are over. Stand up tall and remember that God uses the foolish things of this life to confound the wise. It is never too late with him. It will never be too late for you.

Each time you look at your life, be grateful for the small blessings, be thankful for the minor advancements and be appreciative for the things you learn along the way of life. Don't be discouraged; you are not accountable to any man. The scorecard of your life will not be marked by any man, but God. Thus, you are not answerable to man. They might write you off, they might scorn you, they might label you a never do well, they might use you for a ridicule session, but don't be deterred. For it is not them that will write the final page in the story of your life.

Always know that someone somewhere is having it worse than you are. Someone somewhere is wishing they are in your shoes, someone somewhere is taking his last breathe. You have every cause to be happy. When you truly count your blessings one by one, you will discover that your life has been a testimony. Stay courageous; believe in God at all times. Trust HIM even when you don't understand. Stick with him even when he says no. And remember success is relative. As long as you were not where you used to be yesterday, you have every reason to be hopeful that your best days are still ahead.

I just hope someone will read this and be encouraged in their journey of life. Get a perspective; it is not as bad as you think. Don't let circumstances fool you. Your life has not reached a dead end. Stay positive and never forget that you will win if you do not renege on your dreams. Life happens to all of us. We are all confronting our own devils. Remember this and look at the brighter side. You will win if you do not quit.


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