Ribadu/Fashola: The Dream Presidency?

As the permutations towards a feisty 2015 general elections begins in earnest, one is left to fantasize, and hope over what might be. It is a no-brainer to suggest that the PDP led government for fourteen years have done little to restore and ill our land. Instead, shrewd politicking, insane bickering, corruption syndrome and a bastardized system is all they have bequeathed to us. The debate over the assessment of Goodluck Jonathan led administration might be premature, but the signs are ominous. Like him or loathe him, a Nuhu Ribadu led administration is one that holds promises, especially with a sidekick like Babatunde Raji Fashola. Many have criticized Ribadu on the premise that his spell as EFCC boss was used to witch hunt the enemies of his then boss, Olusegun Obasanjo. While that looks plausible on first thought, a more reasonable question to ask as Gani Fawenhimi did ask is: 'Were those involved in these selective judgments truly culpable'? The answer is glaring. It is not for nothing that Ribadu earned international acclaim, and it is no mean feat to be the chief crime fighter in a nation that is infamously referred to as one of the most corrupt on earth. Lagos state governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola clearly needs no introduction. His transformation of Lagos is staggering, and the watershed has been remarkable. Fashola is a proven politician cum administrator. Nigeria needs those that can work their socks off. He has been able to restore some level of sanity to an erstwhile notorious Lagos. Looking at his rate of work, one wonders if he ever takes time to rest. Moreover, the duo of Ribadu and Fashola are progressives. They might not be the Joshua to lead Nigeria into the promised land, but they could serve as the Moses to initiate and fast track the liberation process. To add another perspective, the pair will also garner the needed appeal from a larger part of our polarized society. Nigeria is simply tired of the dead woods. The unrelenting cabal has toiled with Nigeria enough, that is why a Buhari led presidency is never a great option. It is not an outrageous utterance to suggest that Nigerians are simply tired, fed up, irritated, and incensed with the continuous retrogressive PDP led administration. A change is needed, and swiftly too. However, a Ribadu/Fashola presidency hinges on the survival of the APC. It remains to be seen if this long awaited opposition party of strange bed fellows can sheath their old swords, and work assiduously to usher in a new lease of life. As Presidential Public Affairs Assistant, Doyin Okupe, prophezied, APC might not survive past 2014. It is left to them to answer the garrulous presidential aide accordingly.


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