Poetry: You Decorated My Days!

Flashes of thoughts, Whispers of words, Betrayal of emotions, Today, I remember. 18 years absence has not flickered the memory of you. The hustles of the day and the sternous silence of the night have made the memory of you extant; That memory has become our sidekick, An integral part of our existence. Like a bolt in the blue, You only flashed your brillance. Like an actor in his element, You left the stage belated. Like a tale conjured by the gods, Your story was shortlived. Yes, you fought. Your days were hallmarked by warfare. You fought for us, Determined to win a war to make us live. A war that sapped your strength, But despite the bruises, your beauty was never meddled with. You decorated my days, You added radiance to my path, You paved the way upon which I know thread, You taught me the first lessons of this harsh world, Your breasts were the first I knew, Your shoulders were the first i leaned on, Your hands were the first that beheld me, Your laps were the first I cried on. Sadly but surely, It didnt last for long. For every moment I remember, expect me to cry a handful. For every hour the pain pierces me, expect me to have a sedentary spell. Sleep on, my treasure. Till I wake you upon my arrival to join you.


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