My Years: A Story Of Untold Grace

Sometimes, words fail me.
Sometimes, my mind cannot situate it.
Sometimes, my head cannot figure it.
Sometimes, my heart cannot fathom it.

It's been a score and some years since I arrived on the stage of the world.
A world that was hostile in many ways.
Life's script was a hard tale, and it's prologue was a harsh start.
But like an evergreen actor, I mastered the script and wrote my own lines.
Yet, it was not enough to gain mastery of the story; the acting had to be sublime.

And there was life's stage; overwhelming with intimidating flurry of unpredictable lightings that poured on me.
I had mastered my script, but it wasn't enough to make me the world's finest actor.
Then I learnt, that knowledge is never enough, we always need something more.

As I stand at this point of my life, gazing at the memorable past and anticipating a future of possibilities, I am grateful for entirely everything. I am forever thankful for the shoulders I have stood on so far.

Yet, I am aware of one truth: My life has been a tale of God's unrestricted grace in the life of a man. The journey has been a story of how God's favour can change everything. For me, it has never been about the destination. Rather, it has always been about the things I have been learning along the way of life. It's about the lessons, the seemingly small progress, the little knocks, the daring scars, the daunting tasks. It's about the precarious days, the bitter experiences, the small movements, the gradual pace, the unnoticeable growth. It's about the betrayal of friends, the mockery of relations, the hostility of the world, the trails that sometimes beats us and the things we learn along the way.

Truly, your gifts can take you far, but when God has decided to bless you, there is no telling how far you can go. Grace and favour makes all the difference. As I mark another year to my life, I take no credit for anything, but I give all the praise to God. However, make no mistakes about it, my best days still lurks ahead!


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