POETRY: It’s Called Life!

It’s called Life
This tale of puzzling content
This litany of precarious events
This story of uncommon plot.

It’s called Life
This cunny fellow
This episode of Karma
This myriad of mysteries.

It’s called Life,
This insensate rhapsody
This plethora of indecipherable scenes
This panorama of uncertainties.

It’s called Life
This movie of untellable ending
This troubadour of many traverses
This journey of masked surprises.

It’s called life
This impromptu teacher
This mystic friend
This witting fellow.

It’s called Life
A road we all travel once
A trip we all must make
A fleeting trip
Many go into it encumbered with luggage
Others travel with many distractions
Few travel lightly
A fraction arrive at the coast
It’s called Life.


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