It’s Never About The People!

Indeed, the shenanigans of the past few weeks have enervated the optimism of many, and further exposed the debacle we are currently entrenched in. While the Bring Back our Girls struggle persists, our politicians have continued in shameless fist-cuffs and tussle to protect personal interests. At some point, we concluded that the power-mongering nature of our politicians cannot be more dire than the spectacle we all saw in Rivers State. For those that memory will not serve long enough to recollect, a rehash will suffice. In Rivers state, the State House of Assembly was defiled by lawmakers, the Mase was abused, honorable men engaged in fierce combats, and worst of all, the mechanism of law-making was paralyzed in the state and the legislative business was being handled in the sitting room of the state government house. In addition, the theatrics between Evans Bipi, Chidi Llyod and the other loyalists of Brick House will remain extant in our minds. The current imbroglio in Edo state bears close resemblance. Lawmakers loyal to the Oshiomole led-APC government are presently at war with their PDP counterparts. The root of the matter is now viral on the web, however, beyond such infuriating details, the crux of the matter remains that the only language our politicians understand is ‘Personal Interest.’
I have always argued that irrespective of the nomenclature, be it PDP or APC, they are all birds of a feather. The average Nigerian politician is primarily loyal to the powers that hold his political fortune. The loyalty to the people whose mandate he holds is always secondary or non-existent. Anyone who has followed the events in Edo state over the past couple of weeks will have seen the gusto and passion by the lawmakers. Whatever the issues are, it is intriguing that such gusto and passion are never seen when people related issues are being debated. Rather, it is either one assembly member is having a nap in session or another is just bodily present, but absent minded. Until politicians begin to understand that the citizens are not interested in the details of their political affiliations but on their delivery of the dividends of democracy, we might never arrive in our desired destination.
We the people must realize that our political space is bedeviled by personal interest and inordinate knack for power. So the next time a politician pays a youth to help rig an election or mobilize thugs for personal gain, these puns must understand that that politician does not give a thought of you. It is about time that we come to the harsh truth that we don’t play politics of ideology, we play politics of ‘dog eat dog.’
The next time you see APC and PDP engage in a brouhaha, ask yourself: To what end is their struggle? Why the bickering? Why is Rotimi Amaechi and the Presidency at loggerheads? Why has the scourge of Boko Haram remain a mystery? Why is 2015 the key focus in the minds of every politician? Whatever the answers are, be sure that it is never about the people!


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