How does one begin to rehash a life with laudable tales?
How do you pour encomium on a man that is praise personified?
How do you eulogize 50 golden years of enviable feats?
We probably will never aptly do this, but we will try.

To some, he is a colleague
To some others, a father
To a few, a pastor
To us, he is an embodiment of friendship
A brother for all seasons
A friend for all times.

Though 50, you still have the admirable features of youth
Though 50, your swag has never diminished
Though 50, your carriage remains the envy of all
Though 50, your energy is still at its peak
Though 50, your panache still dazzles us
Though 50, your wit remains infectious
Though 50, your looks will perennially attract any beauty queen.

Your unending smile captivates us
Your large heart astounds us
Your forgiving spirit marvels us
Your accommodating soul beats our imagination

We celebrate you,
Not just for today, but always
And while our sojourn in this company will someday elapse
Our friendship will always linger

Happy golden anniversary birthday
And while words may fail us at this point
Always remember that we will always love you!
Many more fruitful and productive years may you yet see!

This poem was dedicated to a colleague and mentor on his golden birthday anniversary.


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