Thoughts On My Birthday!

Awkward as it appears, Happy Birthday to me!
It’s amazing how 365 days have elapsed like a flash. I vividly remember the day, the position of the sun, the attire of the sky and the smile in the voice of my mentor when he called to wish me a splendid birthday celebration. However, time truly flies and I look back to the past 52 weeks with a heart of sheer gratitude and a mind sharpened by time.

The one big lesson I have learnt over the past one year is the power of moving on. In life, we will all make mistakes and you can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened and should’ve been. However, what’s done is done.

It is often said that many years from today you are more likely to regret the actions you didn’t take, than the actions you did. This has been one of my biggest mantra in life. In this thing called life, things will happen and you will not always get it right. You will make decisions that won’t go right, you will make utterances that will get you in trouble, your inactions will cost you some things and people will stun you by their actions. However, you have to dust yourself, pick the lessons up and move on. It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on. We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here now with the power to shape your day and your future.

I have learnt that things will not always be perfect and happen the way we envisage. It is important to make room for such occurrences. I have come to the conclusion that we have to let go of the life that we have planned in our head and live it one day at a time, believing that God has it best figured out for us. The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize the situation was over, you cannot move forward. As Jennifer Varnadore once said, ‘When the world is at your back and the heart is at your feet, the best way to go on is just be.’

This has been my biggest takeaway from the past year. Penultimately, I am eternally grateful to all that has made it a worthwhile journey.

Thank you!


  1. You've simply been amazing. Do it again in the next 365days.

    Thanks for being you, & letting God occupy the driver's seat.


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