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Poem: Half-Time, Full Triumph!

Its mid-year, and time have travelled, events have unraveled, situations have happened but we have triumphed!

He told us it was going to be a year of notable success, of notable victories, of uncommon feats. We look back and true to type, it has been a myriad of unflinching success. He told us it was going to be a triumphant year, he told us it was going to be hallmarked with notable achievements, today, look at us. He told us that in the world this year we will have tribulations, but he reminded us to be of good cheer, for we won the race before we even started. We conquered before the rest of the world knew what was happening.

And as our minds wonder in hindsight, as our thoughts peruse the last six months, as our memory does a flashback, and as we reflect on what has been, we are grateful. Grateful for a triumphant half, where we have smashed records, walked on water, flew on eagles wings and defied the odds.

In the first half of the year, his word has been our fortress. We have received insights that have made us supermen! From the epoch making Fire conference to the unleashing of uncommon wealth at the 8 days of glory, he has set us on new pedestals that no man can ignore us.
And make no mistakes about it.

In these last six months, life has happened. The storms have beaten on us. People have despised us. Events have challenged our convictions. Friends have mocked at our belief. Life challenges have come in a plethora of ways. But yet, like an iroko tree who knows no fall, we have remained unshaken, unbeaten and undeterred. They marvel at us. They wonder how we can be going through diverse storms and still keep a smile, and still keep a cheerful countenance and still keep a winning heart. Some of them have said we are no ordinary men. They are right, we are no ordinary species. We are God’s finest, the ingenuities of his craft, his sublime offsprings. In short, supermen! We look back at the challenges of the past six months and we say, bring on more. For in them, our triumph has been evident to all men!

We come with a magnitude of gratitude. We come with an altitude of beatitude. We come with a vastitude of solitude. This God, our heart beats, it beats only for him. His faithfulness defiles our comprehension. The boundary of his love knows no limit, and of a truth, he has been good to us.

It’s only six months gone; yet, our mind boggles in sweet relish on what is ahead for us. For if at halftime the score line is already 7-0, imagine what will happen at fulltime. This success is more certain than the dawn of the morning. Our victory is more assured than the rising of the sun and our monumental triumph is more real than the chair you sit on. It’s half-time and it’s already full triumph. Imagine what will happen, when it is fulltime!

Written in commemoration of CE Mid-Year Thanksgiving Service!


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