It Is Almost Over…

Bang! 2016 is almost over!

I bet that the memories of December 31st 2015 is still vivid in the minds of many. The written dreams, the prophesized ambitions, the unsaid hope, the countless resolutions and the plethora of goals. Without a doubt, as we look at the list where we have our 2016 goals (assuming we all keep such list), the feelings will vary. For some, it is a review with relish while for others it will be a flashback of regrets, broken dreams, missed chances and near misses. The good news however, is that everyone has an equal and new opportunity to begin on a clean slate again.

Whatever your story of 2016 is, be thankful. I tell you what; it could have been worse. It might be cliché to say that somewhere in some place, someone has it worse and will die to be in your current position, but that is an indisputable truth. Perception is everything. See the experiences of 2016 as a learning experience and a stumbling place to push you forward. Don’t try to find the answers to everything. If you didn’t get the job, learn from the disappointment and stay positive. If you were not given that admission, remain happy and try again. If it didn’t happen for you in your relationship, don’t give up on love. If you weren’t given that business deal or anticipated promotion, don’t lose your gusto. If you lost a loved one and you thought your life will never see sunshine again, pick yourself up and understand that nothing just happens. I assure you that everyone had a tale of disappointment in 2016, but some just keep going. Be thankful for all that have happened and remember that some things will only make sense in retrospect that is why hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

In 2017, vow to go again, to try again, to love again, to dream again. It will be sacrosanct to start early, to get out of your so called comfort zone, to do things differently and to tell yourself some home truth. In the new year, it will also be fundamental to drop the baggage. It might be friends, habits, indiscipline, sleep, short-sightedness and a myriad of other little foxes. Whatever it is, you must make a choice to play by a different set of rules to get better results. And remember, the difference between success and failure in the new year will be your ability to do things beyond just planning for them. The coast will never be entirely clear, you will never have all the details, all the money you need will not come to you at once and life will happen again. Irrespective of the factors, take a decision to do what you have to do!

Happy Celebration And Have A Smashing New Year Ahead!


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