Poem: To You Whom I Left Behind

To you whom I left behind,
Forgive my impromptu disappearance,
And the cruelty of my departure.
The visitor gave me no time for courtesy, to say my ultimate goodbye.
It came with a smug of derision, mocking my ignorance.
Forcefully, it took me away and I could not wrestle him.

To you whom I left behind,
Dry your tears for it holds no panacea,
Dust your heart from the debris of sorrow,
Rinse your spirit from the pot of wailing,
For you will have to move on.

To you whom I left behind,
Hang in there though the days be tough.
Walk through the raging fire and endure the heat.
With busted lips, ailing feet and heavy eyes, keep going.
Fight for every moment you live and always remember,
I will always be with you.

To you whom I left behind,
I tell you with authority for I have seen things;
There are too many battles you should not fight,
There are too many rat races you should not indulge in,
There are far too many pursuits that are not worth the sprint,
Understand what is important,
And never forget that your time on that side is fleeting and finite.
Seek the wisdom to always know what is sacrosanct, and on those, dwell.


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