We Will Never Completely Heal

Cursed was the day
There were no warning signs, no red lights, no pointers
The sun was bullish as ever, the moon peering as always
And then you called as usual, with your voice soothing as normal
It was to be the last

With broken hearts, we remember
Twelve months have brought no solace
Our soul still bleed
Our eyes still sore
Our head still ache
Time has not healed us,
It has only revealed the scale of our loss.

The thought is still vivid
The wound is still fresh
The agony still hangs over us like a cloud
The memory still shatters us
How can we heal mpa? How?

We find solace in the life you lived
We take succor that you are in the right destination
We are comforted that you have found true peace away from a world that gave you none
We will never completely heal; but we will patch up and keep moving


  1. Succor,brother, succor! May he continue to rest. No one heals completely from such a loss. Succor my brother.


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