One Hard Thing You Must Admit Before Your Life Slips Away

Admitting the Hard Truth, and Embracing It

Where you are and what you’re doing at any given moment is absolutely essential.

Because it is the only moment guaranteed to you.

You are not on your way somewhere else.

You are not progressing to a more important time or place.

The present is not just a stepping-stone—it is the ultimate destination, and you have already arrived.

This moment is where your greatest power lies.

This moment is your life!

It might seem obvious, but, again, I forget. And I know you do too.

All day, every day, many of us feel like the present isn’t enough—like our life isn’t worthy of our full presence. It’s a hard truth, but we have to admit…

We are continuously thinking about what’s to come, as if it’s not enough to appreciate what we have in front of us right now.
We sit down to relax for a moment and then immediately feel the urge to read something on our phones, check social media, or text someone, as if relaxing for a moment isn’t enough.
We procrastinate when it’s time to work, choosing more distractions, as if the process of doing good work isn’t enough for us.
We get annoyed with people when they fail to live up to our expectations, as if the reality of who they are isn’t enough for us.
We reject situations, people, and even ourselves, because we feel like we need more, more, more…
But what if we did the opposite?

What if we accepted this moment, and everything and everyone in it (including ourselves), as exactly enough?

What if we admitted that life is slipping away right now, and saw the fleeting time we have as enough, without needing to share it on social media or capture it or alter it in any way?

What if we accepted the “bad” with the good, the letdowns with the lessons, the annoying with the beautiful, the anxiety with the opportunity, as part of a package deal that this moment alone is offering us?

What if we paused right now, and saw everything with perfect clarity and no distractions?

Keep thinking about it…

Would we live more meaningful and memorable lives?

Would we have more beautiful stories to cherish and share?

I think we would.

And thus, I think now is the best time to pay attention.

Now is the best time to look around and be grateful—for our health, our homes, our families, our friends, and our momentary opportunities.

Nothing lasts.

Everything is happening, and changing, before our eyes.

Let’s do our best to be naked and free and aware of every little climactic moment, together.



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