Time Ticks For Team Jonathan

After weeks of intrigues, horse trading and sycophancy, President Goodluck Jonathan finally appionted his numerous sidekicks, charged with the daunting task of transforming the nation and creating a new lease of fresh air. The ministers and special advisers have been appointed from a plethora of men and women from different walks of life. However, some of the names on the list leaves plenty to be desired. More than a handful of them are a sheer product of Nigeria's politics of favoritism and ethnicity. However, credibility still found it way into the list. The choice of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as Finance minister, is a masterstroke. It will be incredulous to doubt the integrity and competence of a woman that has proven herself beyound the shores of this entity. Also, appointing Reuben Abati as special adviser on media and publicity, is an exquisite decision that upholds meritocracy. Abati was before his appointment, the gaffer of Guardian newspaper editorial board. An academian per excellence, he will easily pass as the finest in his craft over the past decade. However, if fears coming from the pessimist is anything to go by, then Abati must be very cautious not to become a mere puppet. The Jonathan team is hallmarked by same faces of old. However, he deserves the benefit of the doubt to prove to us that he has assembled the best hands to finally lead us to that elusive promise land. Suffice it to say, Jonathan and his cohorts must recognize that time has started ticking for them. Thus, the aspirations of a hundred and fifty million Nigerians rests on their shoulders.


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