Second Half Of 2011 Is Upon Us!

Time surely flies. At times, at a speed of sound. While we all still have fresh memories of the year, reality suggests that it has grown old. Old enough to be stripped of it's 'Happy New Year' dictum. Now, the concern should be you. The first half of the year has passed on, and it is sacrosanct that you take stock and then launch into the second half. Life is a game of two halves. The epoch of childhood, not only in years, but in the mind. The second is the spell of maturity, the era when you discover purpose. The question is: What half of your life are you in? 2011 came with so much expections and six months into it, you have to evaluate yourself. Nobody attains success by the sheer hand of providence. No one amounts to something merely by going to bed with lady luck. The treasures of life are configured in a way that only those who desperately seek it, who are ready to defy the odds, to go to a breaking point, to give all and even more, will surely unlock these treasures. Are you ready to pay this price? Perhaps, the first half of your year collapsed like a pack of cards. Perhaps, it was hallmarked by a myriad of obstacles. The good news is that the next six months could still be the best of your life. Remember that even in a football game, if a team trails at half time, that team can stage a remarkable comeback in the second half and steal the result. In the same vein, July to December could be that next 45 minutes of your life when u dust yourself from the limitations, and live your dreams. But, you must be willing to do things differently, to change the tactics and play with a renewed swagger!


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