Chelsea fc: A New Era Or A False Dawn?

As the exquisite and elegant looking Andre Villas Boas put pen to paper to complete his signing from F.C Porto to Chelsea, many have lauded the appiontment and called it a mastersroke. However, some have handled the decision with caution. Villas Boas became the sixth manager to inherit the coaching shoes at the Bridge. He certainly has the luxury of youthfulness and the advantage of a polished english language in his arsenal. However, he must have been aware of the demands of his new job. He has the unlucky fate of having a boss with a short patience, and an inordinate obsession with the Champions league. Moreover, he inherits a team of players in their last legs, and with age closer, or above his own. As if this is not enough, he has the burden of satisfying a fan base that have becone used to winning laurels and seeing their team succeed. Indeed, the odds are stacked against him.

However, there is something about the Pourtugese that suggests that he will be a star at the Bridge. He booasts an impressive C.V, and shares the inevitable merit of working alongside the famous Bobby Charlton, and the special Jose Mourinho. For once since Jose left, Chelsea suddenly looks intresting again. Even though he possesses a knack for winning thropies, Sir Alex must be having some sleepless nights, while Wenger must be hoping that this is not another Mourinho in the making. Villas Boas has all the makings of a genius, but only time will tell if this is a mere smokescreen or the beginning of a famous dynasty.


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