The Albatross of Dimeji Bankole

The uncertainty that is power, has again been proved in the murky waters of Nigerians Politics. The travails of Dimeji Bankole is a reminder of how swift one can dwindle from the glitz of power to the incredulous depths of shame. Of how fast one could go from the comfort of luxuries to the discomfort of lack. Bankole's enviable educational background and youthful nature, endeared him to the Nigerian public and made him the epitome of a new era. However, those that percieved the former speaker as a face of change, appears to have been clutching on shadows. His recent ordeals has soiled the image of his dynasty, and it boggles the mind to think that Nigerian politicians never learn. Bankole's immediate predecessor, Patricia Etteh, was ridiculed out of her role as speaker due to a 628 million naira scam she was embroiled in. Yet, not even this recent history held any lessons for Dimeji. In addition, considering the fortune he takes home as salary and allowances, one wonders why his greed wasn't tamed. As his stink permeates the political terrian, his godfathers appears to have deserted him. When he most covets the influence of the powers that be, they have all turned blind to his travails. Though time might still vindicate him, not even Bankole would have bargained for this harsh fate that have befallen him. Is this the making of some cronies he had rudely stepped on their toes, while acting as the speaker of the House? Or is this karma having it's pound of flesh. Only time will tell where this will lead to!


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