Beware Of Friends!

They might be the most priceless pearls to have, but they could also bite with more venow than a snake. Without mincing words, friends are one of the most integral part of our lives. They bring a certain ray of hope to our existence and help to ease the cumbersome journey of our lives. However, history affords us with a plethora of analogies to see that friends could be the architect a man's colossal fall. From the legendary Julius Caesar to the famous Bill Clinton, they all had a turbulent experience with those they call friends.

It has been said, and not without reason, that our close friends are really our true achilles heel. Being an integral part of your life, friends can easily concieve jealousy and hatred. It takes a friend that is made of sterner stuff, not to generate envy for his successful friend. This is true because your friend often expects both of you to move at the same pace in life. The moment it appears as if you have moved in a speed of light, leaving him at a snail's pace, he begins to hatch plots that will lead to your monumental fall. Suffice it to say, friends are really the closest persons to us. They hold our secrets, they know our fears, and they are fully aware of our flaws.

Before you go to find succor in that person you call your friend, never forget the English saying that reads "Never think that anybody loves you." This does not mean that you should either be cynical, sceptical or critical about people, its just a necessity in a world that is polluted with callousness and sheer resentment. Remember, friends in your life could make or mar you, build or destroy you, create or break you! Thus, a reassessment of those you call friends is imperative if you must attain the glorious future that you envisage.


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