The Dilemma Of Boko Haram

Just when the novel adminstration was hoping to heal the deep wounds inflicted on their opponents who were taken to the cleaners at the just concluded elections, it appears that the new government will have to contend with an unfamilar foe, Boko Haram. The Islamic extremist group presents a turbulent torn in the flesh of president Goodluck Jonathan and his co-horts. While it is true that our nation has been hallmarked by a myriad of daunting challenges in the past, the very thought that terrorist threats will join that infamous list, is very scary. If the Boko Haram group can penetrate the citadel of security, then there is much truth in Jonathan's assertion that, 'Everyone is a target'. It is pathetic that ours' is a nation where laws are brought to its knees and security is a distant dream. Thus, Jonathan and his team must raise up to the new challenge of Boko Haram, and stop paying mere lip-service to the issue. What then is the essence of government if it cannot protect? This is not a time to start flaunting amnesty, as if it is a license to insanity. Cowardice by those in authority that promised to protect us, is a misnomer we must not condole. Having said that, it is high time the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, and his team, show some dexterity in their duty. Emphasis should be more on intelligence reports and less on the erection of numeration road-blocks, as if we are a people in servitude. Boko Haram and their linchpins should remeber that, to endanger peace has never, and will never be the best way to state your point!


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