Poem: It is time to dream again!

Cuddled by the burden of the past, yet the piercing brightness cannot be a false dawn. Sins of a trobuled land hovers like a cloud, yet the day of atonement screams for recognition. Eyes pregnant with tears, memories tainted with gloom, heart bleeding with no reprieve. Whispers of pains, sours of old wounds and scars of yesterday all conspires, yet the voice finds it message: it is time to sail against the tide, to defy the odds and live the dream. Mind sucking on new conviction, the days of wishes finally lurking around. It is time to dream again. Fasten your will, oil your conviction, massage your hope and embrace your vision, for the land have found a new resolve, the creeks and the vallies have learnt to smile, the mountains and the hills are spurred to reward. Hurrah, the days of lamentations have met their end. No longer will the roads threaten us with death, no longer will power pose a luxury for us, no longer will portable water be a distant dream for us, no longer shall our children toil to get jobs. After epochs in the dark, posterity must know that we lived to see the days when the green white green colours commanded enormous respect. Quit your despondency and dream again!!!


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