Poem: A Hurtful Demise!

Sixteen odd years it was, in the dark day of september, at a time when the sun gave it's radiance in paucity, and the wind doled out it's strenght in vexation. Sixteen odd years it was, when the breath of my beauty was siezed, for reasons only death could tell. A harsh fate was to be my lot, a beleaguered reality was my inheritance, a poisned chalce was all that was in my pandaro's box. Sixteen odd years it was, when I last beheld the beauty only her face could conjure. I remember the telling look in her gaze that day. The smile she faked to curb the flood from gushing out of my eyes. The laughter that was only a mere facade and the lullaby she chanted to ease my perturbed head. Sixteen odd years it was, she battled her fate, she wrestled her waterloo. Like a gallant fight, she streched her body to a breaking point. She fought with sheer conviction, but the battle was an herculean one, one that could not be won, a lost course. Sixteen odd years it was, I remember how pensive my spirit was, as I envisioned her saying her final goodbye. The brisk nature of her movement was traded for the long wooden casket. Her fists folded in timidity and there she was, hapless, motionless, lifeless. Old and young filtered the air with their tears and wailings, some in sincerity, others in mockery. Sixteen odd years it was, yet, the memory has not lost an iota of it's vividness. The thought still resonates in my mind. The hurt and pain still reminds me of their presence. The gloom still hangs over me like a cloud and the feeling still plagues me like a raging ghost. Sixteen odd it was, I truly will never forget because it is not in my power to forget. My star, trust you are resting in serenity and peacefulness. Please always remember that I hate that you left. But, I shall stick to the fight like you always taught me. I shall guard my dreams, like you guarded me. I shall be my best like you tutored me to always be. Rest well in the lord, rest well in my heart. Sixteen odd years it was, adieu once again, my hearthrob, my gem, my treasure, my radiance, my salt!


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