Goodluck Jonathan: An Opportunity Lost!

At times, fate has a way of presenting you with chances to etch your name in gold. However, not too many grab the subtle and rare chance. The fairytale story of the political sojourn of Goodluck Jonathan is one that does not require a rehash. Some version of the story has it that his stroke of luck began while he was in secondary school, where he succeeded in disposing the head boy. Which ever version you choose to believe, it cannot be gainsayed that Goodluck Jonathan rode his luck to become the president, at least at this time. The recent fuel subsidy removal imbriglio could well have soiled a reputation that was firmly built on luck and sentiments. Hitherto this recent brouhaha, Jonathan was perceived as a form of 'fresh air', a break away from the old, and a beginning of a new dawn. But, the recent impasse with the majority of the citizenry has dainted that image. While some might have seen Jonathan's removal of subsidy as a form of brevity, the truth remains that turning a deaf ear to the electorate that gave you your mandate, is an obvious display of insensitivity and dictatorial tendencies. It is heartbreaking that Goodluck Jonathan couldn't seize the opportunity that history doled out to him. He had a platform to put Nigeria back on the right track, but he blew it. He allowed the fear of his godfathers, the cabals and the callously corrupt kingmakers around him, to becloud his sense of judgement. This might yet be early days for the Jonathan presidency, but the signs of failures are already glaring. The terror of Boko Haram still thrives, our universities have been under lock and key, unemployment continues to skyrocket, steady power supply appears to be a distant dream, insecurity remains a national plague and sheer corruption continues to be the order of the day. It is true that Jonathan did not get us to this mess, but at least, he could have helped in salvaging it. Instead, he choose to compound our woes. This was a man who claimed not to have shoes, who got into power as a result of public outcry, but as it's always the case with most politicians in Nigeria, Jonathan has a short memory. He has a cabinet that is largely mediocre and dominated by same old faces, and herein lies the problem. Indeed, it is not Nigerians fault that they cannot trust their leaders, afterall, trust is to be earned not solicited for. It took the will of Fidel Castro to Liberate Cuba in the 20th century. It took the doggedness of Jerry Rawlings to get Ghana to it's promised land. And now, Jonathan has thrown reason to the air, and made himself a pun in the hands of some few. Regardless of what the current turmoil snowballs into, one thing is certain, Goodluck Jonathan will never get a second chance to recreate the first impression he has manifested.


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